Pioneer Trail Benjamin's Bare Feet Timed Goal: Everything you need to know


Continuing in the game's recent Timed Goal fascination, Pioneer Trail has received yet another timed goal for you to complete on your Homestead. If you're above Level 15, and are up for another challenge, you can now take on "Benjamin's Bare Feet," a timed goal that sees you helping Ben's wife Beatrice gather up new socks, so that she can stop fixing all of Ben's old and torn ones once and for all (that's not a very glamorous task, I must admit).

You'll have until January 31 to accept this one in your game, and you'll have five days to complete all of the tasks therein for your rewards.

Benjamin's Bare Feet

  • Collect 40 Stockings

  • Collect 20 Fragrant Insoles

  • Collect 20 Holiday Shoehorns

The Stockings come from the Stocking Trees that grow in Holiday Hollow. Meanwhile, you'll need to ask your friends for the Fragrant Insoles and Holiday Shoehorns via a combination of individual requests and general news items posted on your wall. When you finish this goal (that is, if you can finish it within the five day time limit), you'll receive a Big Present, 20 Candy Canes and 500 XP.

Sure, it's a little late for Christmas in the game, but since Holiday Hollow is still available to play in, if you've already finished everything there, this will give the area some purpose until it does (if it does) shut down. Good luck!

Have you been keeping up with the many timed goals released in Pioneer Trail over the past couple of months? Sound off in the comments.