GolMania maker Vostu will release four Android games in two months

Candy Dash
Candy Dash

What many have called the Brazilian Zynga (for some reasons more visible than others), Vostu, is going all in on mobile social games. The company has revealed to Business Insider (BI) that it plans to release four games within the next eight weeks for Android devices. Two of which will be original mobile social games, titled Rocket Chimp and Pocket Universe.

The others will be mobile social versions of games Vostu offers on Facebook and Orkut including Candy Dash. According to BI, all four games will release in the Android market, which the company has focused primarily on because of Android's dominance in the Latin American mobile phone arena. This news comes not too long after Vostu's first Android game, Elemental.

And BI reports that the mobile, social cartoon-like take on Sudoku was followed by two games released under the radar, Milk'n Cookies and Meow!, also on Google's smartphone operating system. "We believe that the mobile social games market, particularly in Latin America, offers tremendous growth opportunities over the next few years," Vostu told BI. "We will continue to release a mix of new games and mobile versions of our already successful social games to steadily enable our users to play their favorite games while on the go."

It seems as if Vostu, known best for both GolMania and its legal snafu with Zynga in 2011, is looking to capitalize on what its main American competitor has not, specifically Android games. It's too early to say whether Vostu's focus on Android will pay off, but we do know that it just made a bunch of Android gamers very, very happy.

Is Vostu smart in investing so heavily in Android games? If you're an Android gamer, which of these games are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.