FarmVille Winter Fantasy Items: Frosted Fairy Tree, Snowflake Pony and more


Whether it's cold where you are or warm and sunny, FarmVille's still continuing in the cold and icy Winter Fantasy theme. We've seen a new group of items released in the store this evening, complete with animals, trees and more, mostly in a blue color theme. Here's a complete look at the new items released tonight.


Norway Spruce Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Schreink's Spruce Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Frosted Fairy Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Frosted Fairy Tree - 14 Farm Cash

Here, we see two new Spruce trees being released in a pair, rather than the standard small / large situation. The same rules apply however: you'll be able to earn a Schreink's Spruce tree for free from Mystery Seedlings, so there's really no reason to purchase one. The same can be said for the Giant Frosted Fairy Tree.


Norweign [sic] Forest Cat - 2 million coins
Giant Frozen Swan - 18 Farm Cash
Snowflake Pony - 24 Farm Cash
Snowflake Goat - 14 Farm Cash
Frozen Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Frozen Pegasus - 30 Farm Cash
Frozen Swan - 16 Farm Cash

If you're a mastery sign collector, you'll need to purchase both of the Swans, as they have separate mastery signs. Also, as of this writing, we believe this is supposed to be a Norwegian Forest Cat, but the name is spelled differently in the store.


Snowy Tree House - 15 Farm Cash


Frozen Carriage - 14 Farm Cash
Snowy Hedge - 7,000 coins
Icy Blue Phoenix - 18 Farm Cash

This Snowy Hedge acts as a low-lying fence, rather than just a single bush that you might see outside a home. Keep that in mind when going to purchase one.

Avatar Costumes

Winter Fairy - 7 Farm Cash

This Winter Fairy outfit comes complete with dress, blue fairy wings and shoes.

All of these items will be available in the game for the next two weeks. Also make sure that you check out the store's New Years themed items, as some have been placed on sale for a limited time.

What do you think of these Winter Fantasy items? Sound off in the comments.