Clerical Workers Win Lottery For 2nd Time

Montebello school employees Mega Millions jackpot winnersLast year, a group of clerical employees at a school district in Southern California scooped up $12 million in a Lotto payday. But that didn't stop their dreaming. Last week, the 16 co-workers won a Mega Millions prize worth over a quarter million dollars, say state lottery officials.

The two-time winners plan to put some of their newfound cash toward the Montebello, Calif., school where they work. Last year, they purchased a new speaker system for the school with some of their bounty.

But they're not the only ones to beat the astronomical odds of a second lightning strike. In 2005, occasional lotto-player Donna Geoppert won two $1 million Pennsylvania jackpots. She paid off her mortgage, as well as her childrens', bought a new Cadillac, and started saving for her grandkids' college education. The odds of her winning twice were 419 million to 1, CBS reported.

In 2008, Veryln and Judith Adamson won four $350,000 jackpots, which added up to $955,000 after taxes. They bought the four tickets at four different locations, but used the same numbers on each. Veryln, who loves a good puzzle, claimed that he developed a formula for winning lotteries, which he was seeking to patent. Experts say that's impossible.

The next year, a Massachusetts man won $1,000 on a lottery ticket. Feeling lucky, he bought another ticket a few hours later, and won $1 million. The odds of the latter victory are put at one in over 3 million.

In 2010, Ernest Pullen won a $1 million and a $2 million pot within three months. The odds of winning either are around 2.28 million to 1, according to a Missouri Lottery spokesman. Pullen said he would use the money to fix up his house.

And last November, Delma Kinney won his second million in three years from instant games. The single dad from Atlanta saved a portion of his first $1 million win for the college education of his three kids. He planned to give a chunk of his second prize to charity.

Perhaps there's truth to the idea that you can make your own luck, with a good attitude and some surplus karma. Or maybe, given the number of lottery tickets that are purchased every day in this country, it's simply fate.

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