Wait, Rovio, you missed another one: Angry Birds to hit Samsung TVs

Angry Birds TV
Angry Birds TV

Alright, this writer has had it. Look, electronics, appliance and software creators/manufacturers: You all need to form some sort of Angry Birds alliance to get the damned games on all of your platforms/products at once. That way, we can simply write one more headline and be done with it: "Angry Birds is everywhere. Literally." At any rate, Angry Birds is coming to Samsung's HDTVs.

Rovio and Samsung made the announcement at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, going on as of this writing. The lot of Angry Birds games will be made available for Internet-connected Samsung HDTVs as downloadable apps in the near future. Better yet, Samsung Smart TVs will get an Angry Birds channel through which Rovio will release animated shorts featuring the mobile game series' lovable characters.

This marks a first step for Rovio into a new, potentially money-printing segment: kids cartoons. Of course, it will also give Rovio's animators plenty of practice for the Angry Birds feature film that's supposed to hit in 2014. Rovio's interactive mint actually just hit another Samsung device, the Wave 3. (And this is far from Samsung's first foray into connected-TV gaming.) In short, Angry Birds fever is stronger than ever, and we're still left with little to no explanation as to how.

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