Adventure World Treasure Seeker Challenge: Everything you need to know

Back in the fall of 2011, we saw a new feature added to Adventure World in the form of Treasure Caves. These Treasure Caves have become part of many Expeditions within the game, but aren't open to all players automatically. That is, you need to keep a supply of Rusty Keys on hand to open their locks, and only then can you go inside to claim the treasures that await. Through the game's newest Challenge though, you have an opportunity to win a permanent key that will eliminate your need to ask friends for another ever again.

To be specific, this Challenge is called Treasure Seeker, and it requires you to open as many Treasure Caves as you can within a six day time limit. As with the Snake Tamer or A Friend To Many Challenges released at the beginning of the year, there are different reward levels for this Treasure Seeker event, based on how many Treasure Caves you can actually open up within those six days. For opening just two caves, you'll receive 250 coins and some XP. If you can open five caves, you'll receive three Rusty Keys. Open 15 caves and you'll receive six Rusty Keys, and finally, if you can open 50 Treasure Caves within these six days, you'll receive the fantastic Rusty Skeleton Key. This key will open any Treasure Cave in the entire game, and can be used as many times as you'd like, thereby eliminating your need to ask friends to send you keys in the first place.

While that's a pretty big number of caves to open, keep in mind that you can repeat Expeditions as often as necessary to reach the total. So long as you have the energy, Supplies and other items necessary to access the Expeditions, you can go through them again and again, opening all of the Treasure Caves on those particular maps.

So you think you have what it takes to earn this Rusty Skeleton Key in the Treasure Seeker Challenge? Did you completing finish the first two Challenges released in the game? Sound off in the comments.