CityVille Government Center: Everything you need to know

As the CityVilleCity Center event finally draws to a close, if you're worried about land space because you didn't manage to upgrade that particular building to Level 7 (and therefore didn't receive the full 12 storage spaces for community buildings), there's hope yet! While the City Center event will apparently stay concluded, a new building has been added to the game with the same effect: the Government Center.

The Government Center will be given to you the next time you login to the game. It looks like a very large government building, and it starts out at Level 1, but can be upgraded through Level 7 by collecting three different building ingredients for each level. The first upgrade, for instance, requires four each of Computer Mice, Security Cameras and Wall Clocks. For each upgrade, you'll need to rely on both general news posts and individual requests sent to friends to earn these items.

As you upgrade the Government Center, the item in itself will offer you a population cap boost, but each upgrade will also allow you to store more and more community building inside the finished product, up to the maximum of 12 community buildings. You'll have 20 full days to finish the upgrades, up to Level 7, but if you happen to finish early, you can start storing community buildings as soon as you finish that final upgrade. If you can't finish all of the upgrades, you'll still receive storage for community buildings, but the amount of individual items you can store depends on just how many times you upgraded (for instance, a Level 3 Government Center would hold four community buildings).

Unfortunately, you can only have one Government Center in your town, so the community building storage isn't unlimited. However, since we've already seen a replacement for the City Center come out so quickly, it's likely that we'll see more and more of these kinds of items released in the future. We'll make sure to let you know if that does end up being the case.

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