Pioneer Trail Chocolate Conundrum Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

While the holiday season may be over, there are some final projects to complete in Pioneer Trail before we put away all of the decorations for another year. Harrison, for instance, needs your help to make the holidays perfect by helping him create loads of chocolate. This comes in the form of the Chocolate Conundrum timed goal, which is only just appearing in some users' Homesteads. You'll have until January 31 to accept this new goal in your game (you must be level 15 or higher to receive it) and will have five days to complete it in its entirety to receive your rewards.

Chocolate Conundrum

  • Collect 40 Cocoa Milk

  • Collect 20 Dark Chocolate

  • Collect 20 Cocoa Beans

The Cocoa Milk comes from tending Cocoa Cows in Holiday Hollow, the game's Christmas expansion. The Cocoa Beans, meanwhile, come from individual requests sent out to friends. Finally, the Dark Chocolate also comes from friends, but this one is through general news posts placed on your wall.

When you finish this goal, you'll receive a Big Present (go into your inventory to find and open it), 20 Candy Canes and 500 XP. Just remember, the end of January marks the end of plenty of goals in the game, so you'll want to tackle as many as you can, as soon as you can, to have a chance of completing every one. Good luck!

What do you think of this Chocolate Conundrum timed goal? Have you had this one on your Homestead for a while now, or did you just receive it this week? Sound off in the comments.