Pioneer Trail All Aboard Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Apparently, the transportation system in Pioneer Trail could use some work, as a character named Murt has dropped into your Homestead to work on the railway, making travel faster and safer in and out of your game. If you'd like to help Murt out, there's a new timed goal for you to complete called "All Aboard!" This timed goal is only available for users Level 15 or higher, and you must start it before it expires at the end of January. Once you begin, you'll have five days to complete the goal in its entirety, or you'll lose your chance at its rewards forever.

All Aboard!

  • Collect 20 Gears

  • Collect 20 Stocking Coal

  • Collect 20 Rail Rivets

The Gears come from completing tasks in Holiday Hollow, and while collecting 20 used to be an absolute pain (not to mention a huge energy waste), Zynga has announced that the drop rate for Gears has been increased, so you shouldn't have as much trouble as you might have before. As for the Rail Rivets and Stocking Coal, these items come by way of requests to your friends (either general news feed posts or individual requests sent out to neighbors).

If you can complete these three tasks within the five day time limit, you'll receive a Big Present (you can open it up from within your inventory), 20 Candy Canes and 500 XP. Good luck finishing this one in time!

Are you tired of seeing so many timed goals in Pioneer Trail, or do you like these smaller goals that you can tackle in small chunks? Let us know in the comments!