NimbleBit's Tiny Tower blows up 1 million smartphones every day

Tiny Tower
Tiny Tower

Seriously, we had to turn off the push notifications for this game a long, long time ago. NimbleBit's Ian Marsh tweeted that the studio's runaway hit Tiny Tower now welcomes 1 million daily players. Basically, that's more than most Facebook games can pull of. Better yet, the San Diego-based developer also mentioned that there are a whopping 10 million recorded Tiny Tower sessions a day.

"Tiny Tower is now seeing over 1 Million daily users with over 10 Million sessions a day," Marsh tweeted, "dang!" Dang is right, considering just three weeks ago, NimbleBit told Inside Mobile Apps (ISA) that Tiny Tower had 600,000 daily players. The number is impressive for a mobile game, especially when gaming giants like Zynga have garnered around 13 million daily players across all of its games.

We're willing to bet the spike in daily players is thanks to it being one of both our favorite free iPhone and Android games of 2011 chosen as Apple's Game of the Year on the App Store. The game has garnered accolades all over the games media, and was just nominated for the Game Developers Choice Awards' Best Handheld/Mobile Game.

And surprisingly, both Ian and David Marsh (yes, they're brothers) told ISA before that business models have never been their focus, like so many free-to-play game makers are wont to do. Despite that, apparently 5 percent of Tiny Tower players have pumped $10 into the game. Now, if you'll excuse us, our Bitizens need more sushi on Floor 97.

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