Hidden Chronicles Cheats and Tips: Five easy ways to get ahead

Hidden Chronicles
Zynga's answer to the burgeoning hidden-object genre on Facebook, Hidden Chronicles, has finally arrive. You've been playing the game, training your keen eye to find the various items in the myriad of scenes. However, you've found yourself either so skilled you're without new scenes to tackle or sorely lagging behind your friends in the leader boards. Worry not, friend, for we have five easy ways for you to get ahead in Hidden Chronicles:
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Be Friendly

Remember, this is a Facebook game, after all. One of the best ways to unlock new scenes to play in Hidden Chronicles is to interact with your friends. The tried and true way to ensure you give your friends some love is to visit them, which is done by clicking their names on the friend bar below. Leave them a Hidden Package, and you'll earn Reputation Points, which are crucial to unlocking new scenes.
Hidden Chronicles FastFind

Be a Frenemy

Hidden Chronicles Tree HouseWhile it sure is swell to give your friends free things, it's not exactly enthralling. So, why not kick it up a notch with a (somewhat) friendly challenge? FastFind is the more exciting social interaction in Hidden Chronicles, and its benefits are twofold. Sending a challenge to a friend gives you 60 seconds to find as many objects in a scene as possible, with your friend having to beat your score. Not only does this grant you with precious Reputation Points to unlock more scenes with, but it's another chance to both best your friends and better your game.

Focus, Focus, Focus

While in a scene, it's entirely too easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of objects in front of you, much less those you're tasked with finding. You'll find it much more manageable to focus on searching for one item at a time, rather than taking stock of all the items required of you and then looking for them all. However, if you find yourself spending too much time on a single item, forget about it and move on to something else. This is especially true for 60-second challenges.

Home Improvement

Don't forget that this hidden-object game isn't all about what's hiding in plain sight, but also your new home. It's vitally important to constantly add to your new estate, because Estate Points are also key in unlocking new scenes to complete. You'll also want to expand into the vast acreage left behind to you, as certain spots will hide even more scenes to take on. In short, remember to focus just as much on upping your game as upping your estate.
Hidden Chronicles Hint

It's All About Context

Remember when we said "focus"? Well, it's equally as important to focus on the right things. Generally speaking, all of the items in a given scene follow a theme put out by either the name of the scene or the general look and mood of the environment. For instance, this writer was looking for a "Hat" in one scene surrounded by what looked like artifacts and other effects from the 19th century.

When I read the word "Hat", I instantly thought of a baseball cap, and was looking for that. It wasn't until I was forced to use the Hint button that I realized what the game actually meant was "top hat." It would've helped if I kept my frame of mind within the general theme of the scene. This might help immensely in finding the more vaguely named objects in each scene.

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