Hidden Chronicles Cheats and Tips: Have patience and earn plenty of bonus points

In Hidden Chronicles, Zynga's newest Facebook game, you aren't given a time limit during hidden object scenes, other than those Fast Find challenges you can take part in with your friends. You can simply complete a scene, collecting its items at your leisure, and as you find them. You'll earn quest credit for doing so, and will even earn a few points towards earning that next Mastery Trophy for the scene. But what if you want to earn those Mastery Trophies before all of your friends, or simply finish off a scene entirely so you can move onto the next? Luckily, you can do just that, and even save some energy along the way, by exercising patience.

When you enter a scene, you'll be shown a list of six items that you'll need to find (or perhaps a few more if the Super Clue has been shown to you - the Clue that requires you to light a match in the scene or pour a glass of wine, as examples). While you might want to immediately jump in and click on the first item you can find, this would be a mistake! Simply make a mental note of where this item is in the scene and move onto finding the next visually. Only after you've found all six items in the scene, and are confident that you know where they are when scanning back over the image should you actually click on the first item.

When you click, you start the combo meter, allowing you to earn huge amounts of bonus points when clicking on subsequent items before the combo meter can empty. If you've mentally marked the locations of all six items at the beginning of a scene, you'll walk away with huge points because you waited and claimed them all at once. Now, instead of playing a scene three or four times to earn a Mastery Trophy, you may only have to play it once or twice, leaving you all of those energy points to move onto new scenes and new quests in the game. Pretty cool, right?

If you want to make finding items and earning bonus points even easier across scenes, make sure to study our item location guides, so you'll have even more knowledge of item locations before you ever begin!

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Have you already started using this patience technique to rack up major bonus points in Hidden Chronicles? Do you have any other tips to share with your fellow gamers? Sound off in the comments.