FarmVille Pic of the Day: Tuhoegurlz's winter extravaganza

tuhoegurlz farmville pic featured farm
tuhoegurlz farmville pic featured farm

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Here at the HQ in New York City, we're quickly approaching the heart of the winter. Temperatures are dropping, snow is coming, and any FarmVille fan will tell you that 'tis the season for awesome winter farms. We've already seen a few snow covered farms featuring winter crops and items, but today's design by Tuhoegurlz is one of my favorites.

My goodness. Folks, you can't disagree that Tuhoegurlz's winter farm is a tremendous artistic achievement. This winter wonderland has it all: colossal towers topped with castles, a red carpet surrounded by toy soldiers, and a consistently chilly theme. Most impressive is that this farm has some winter classics, bringing back some of the past few years' items and putting them proudly on display. Best of all, with space for growing crops and raising animals, this farm is still profitable! I always award bonus points to farms that effectively combine function and form. Great job Tuhoegurlz, I hope to see more great designs from you in the future!

What do you think of Tuhoegurlz's epic winter farm?

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