FarmVille: Free Kodiak Cubs and Double Mastery given for New Years

But not everyone will receive them... That's right, in a move that is sure to cause a riot amongst FarmVille players, Zynga has started emailing FarmVille players with links to claim Kodiak Cubs on their farms. This Kodiak Cub has been given away in the past, as it was an item made available in the Holiday Tree in 2010 (you needed 200 Holiday Gifts to redeem for it at the time).

However, it's the other prize that might make you a bit more concerned with whether or not you're one of these special, lucky players: Double Mastery apparently comes with this gift, but the email says nothing of how long the Double Mastery event will last, or what you actually have to do to receive it.

Furthermore, there's no mention in the email as to why we've been given these bonuses, so we're left to speculate. Could it be that Zynga is sending out the emails to less active players as incentive to jump back into the game? Or, is it that veteran players are being rewarded for their loyalty? Whatever the case, you'll want to keep an extra special eye on your inbox this week, as you never know if you'll be the lucky recipient of the Kodiak Cub and Double Mastery in your game!

Did you receive an email offering you a Kodiak Cub and Double Mastery, or are you still waiting for yours? Sound off in the comments.