FarmVille Frock Goals: Everything you need to know

A new set of goals has launched across our farms in FarmVille today, with this one being about the arts: painting, photography, sculpting and the like. You'll have two weeks to finish the 12 goals in this series. According to details discovered by FarmVilleFreak, there are plenty of frozen or "ice-themed" items in this goal series, so I hope you're ready to get cold!

Sculpting Along
  • Get 4 Ice Brushes
  • Harvest 150 Wheat
  • Harvest 50 Fruit

For this Ice Brush task, along with other "get" tasks in this entire goal series, you'll need to ask your friends to send you those particular items (normally through general news posts on your wall). When you finish this goal, you'll receive 100 XP, an Ice Sheep and 2,500 coins.

Whittle Whittle Wow
  • Get 6 Whittled Animals
  • Harvest 175 Snow Carnations
  • Harvest 1 Ice Sheep

The Snow Carnation is a limited edition crop that we brought you a guide to recently. You still have plenty of time to plant it, but you might as well plant some flowers now to finish off this goal fast. Your rewards? 200 XP, a Whittled Tree and 2,500 coins.

Ice Flash
  • Get 8 Inspirational Photos
  • Harvest 200 Lilac
  • Harvest 1 Ice Sheep

Reward: Snowman Photographer, 300 XP, 2,500 coins

Sculpting Lessons
  • Get 8 Sculpt by Numbers Kits
  • Harvest 225 Peanuts
  • Harvest 1 Whittled Tree

Reward: 400 XP, Ice Gnome Sculpture, 2,500 coins

The Sculpting Kid
  • Get 8 Chisels
  • Harvest 250 Snow Carnations
  • Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Ice Sheep

Reward: 400 XP, Ice Scarecrow, 2,500 coins

Sculpt It Out
  • Get 8 Blocks of Ice
  • Harvest 275 Rice
  • Craft Ice Pig Sculpture

The Ice Pig Sculpture is a new crafting recipe we told you about recently. You can create one of these in your Craftshop using Wheat, Lilac and Peanut bushels, and the actual crafting process takes 10 hours to complete by default. When you finish this goal, you'll receive an Ice Pig (animal), 400 XP and 5,000 coins.

Cold Judging
  • Get 8 Judge Gavels
  • Harvest 300 Pumpkins
  • Harvest Ice Pig

Reward: 500 XP, Judge Cow, 5,000 coins

Icy Tides
  • Get 8 Podiums
  • Harvest 325 Spinach
  • Harvest Judge Cow

Reward: 500 XP, Ice Sculpting Duck, 5,000 coins

Snow Down
  • Get 8 Score Cards
  • Harvest 350 Cotton
  • Harvest 1 Ice Sculpting Duck

Reward: 500 XP, Frozen Tree, 5,000 coins

Dicey Ice
  • Get 9 Sculpture Plans
  • Harvest 375 Cranberries
  • Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Ice Pig

Reward: 600 XP, Architect Goat, 5,000 coins

  • Get 10 Pieces of Wonder Ice
  • Harvest 1 Frozen Tree
  • Harvest 1 Architect Goat

Reward: 600 XP, Wonder Ice Gnome, 5,000 coins. The difference between wonder ice and regular ice seems to be an iridescent quality to the former, so this Gnome will look as though it glows in different colors.

Finishing Touch
  • Get 12 Smocks and Berets
  • Harvest 400 Snow Carnations
  • Craft 1 Ice Horse Sculpture

The Ice Horse Sculpture is also crafted inside your Craftshop using Cranberry, Cotton and Spinach bushels. This recipe takes 10 hours to complete by default. For finishing this final goal in the series, you'll receive 1,000 XP, an Ice Horse and 10,000 coins.

Brrr! I told you this goals had a lot of cold items involved - I hope your farm can take the deep freeze! Just remember to finish off these goals within the next two weeks, or they'll melt away (get it?) taking their exclusive prizes right along with them.

What do you think of these Frock goals in FarmVille? Have you already started working on them? How far have you made it into the set? Sound off in the comments.
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