With PlayJam, GameHouse wants in on the biggest screen in the house

Connected TV Games
Connected TV Games

If London-based TV games network PlayJam has its way, you'll be playing social games on every damned screen you own. As it turns out, the folks behind hits like Collapse! want in on that action, too. GameHouse has announced a partnership with PlayJam that will bring its top casual games to Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Western Digital, Vestel and Google TV starting in early 2012.

Through PlayJam's TV games network, GameHouse games like Collapse! and Little Shop Treasures will get packed with features like "cross-network tournaments, leader-boards, real-time mass participation events, virtual currencies and recommendations," according to PlayJam. In theory, it would be as if the games never left Facebook, but moved on to much larger tracks of land.

We mean that giant 55-inch screen sitting in your living room. "The GameHouse catalog of over 3,000 casual games is enjoyed online every day by millions of users around the world," GameHouse GM of account management Aimee Meehan said in a release. "We're excited about our partnership with PlayJam because we can now provide families using IPTV with top GameHouse hits such as Little Shop Treasures and Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery."

Last year, PlayJam promised that 2012 would be the year of social games on our HDTVs, and it was certainly right. The company is joined by the likes of none other than Zynga, which just launched Zynga Poker on Google TV, in its effort to get social games on every screen in the home. But, if you ask us, we like to play social games while watching TV.

Are you psyched to hear that games like Collapse! will soon hit your HDTV? Do you think social games have a place on the biggest screen in the house? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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