CityVille Boat Community: Everything you need to know

Since land space has always been an issue in CityVille (or the lack thereof), it might have crossed your mind that the game should expand outwards into the water. After all, if people can live on house boats in the real world, or even in homes on stilts, why can't Zynga create the same in CityVille? After all of this time, that has finally happened with the launch of the Boat Community in the game. However, rather than opening up a world of possibilities for you, this feature is instead fairly limited and is overall time consuming.

The Boat Community comes by way of a goal called "Boat Community Bound." You'll see a square section of docks and homes that has appeared out in the water off the coast of your mainland, and it will be up to you to complete this goal to receive the Boat Community as an actual item in your game. Here are the requirements for the goal:

  • Ask friends for 24 Dinghies

  • Collect from Water Bottling Plant 3 Times

  • Expand to the Boat Community

Depending on how far you've expanded out into the water already, you may have to expand once or twice to actually hit the Boat Community. The same rules apply as with other expansions - you'll need to add population and collect Zoning Permits to purchase them - and when you finally do finish this goal, you'll receive the Boat Community in your inventory. For the other two tasks, you can check out our complete look at the Water Bottling Plant to learn how to build one, while the Dinghies come from general news posts you'll place on your wall.

You'll have 15 days to complete this entire goal, and if you can get it done in time, you'll be left with the community building that increases your population cap by 1,200 citizens and offers 300 coins every 24 hours. It can only be placed in the water, and you can only sell it for 1,000 coins (making that option pointless). You'll only have a single chance at this one, so if you earn it but aren't sure whether or not to keep it, your best bet is to leave it where it sits - in your inventory at the completion of the goal. You will have no way to purchase or earn another one if you decide to delete it and regret that later. Either way, we'll make sure to let you know if more worthwhile water expansions turn up in the future.

What do you think of this Boat Community goal and building itself? Will you spend the time and resources to expand out to this building, or will you simply skip its goal altogether? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.