Zynga on IPO: 'We are measuring our progress in years, not days'

Zynga Nasdaq
Zynga Nasdaq

When Zynga went public in December 2011 on the Nasdaq, it debuted at above its $10 share price. Unfortunately the stock price dipped to $9.50 by the end of its first day, and later fell as low as $8.78. As of this writing, the price hovers around $9 even, which might not be where some would have liked or even expected from the social games giant. When USA Today brought it up to Zynga CEO Mark Pincus in his first interview since the company started publicly trading, he had an interesting response.

"We are measuring our progress in years, not days," Pincus told USA Today. "We want to see play become a really mainstream activity, and we think it is on its way. We feel confident that business story will unfold, and people will understand the story of virtual goods and social gaming a lot better in the coming years."

And speaking of years, the company already looks to start 2012 off strong, with its first game of the year, Hidden Chronicles, having just launched in the first week of January. (And more to come, trust us.) According to Pincus's talk with USA Today, Zynga has big plans for the new year, starting with making good use of its myriad of acquisitions.

"We are in the biggest new-game-launch cycle in the history of our company," Pincus said to USA Today. "These are the culminations of investments we have been making the last two years. I can't comment on specific launches, but I think you should expect to be hearing from us soon and often." How often, exactly, because this writer's only Level 2 in Hidden Chronicles.

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