The Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Quest: How to finish it fast

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What a fitting title for the next themed quest in The Sims Social, because that basically describes our response to the goofiness going on right now in Playfish's top Facebook game. It's Alice in Wonderland Week in The Sims Social, and ringing in the brand new theme is a set of tasks that will send players' Sims exploring a rather different Little Haven, inspired by Lewis Carroll.

In order to complete this somewhat difficult quest, players will need at least one friend at minimum, but the more the merrier. They'll also need at least 1,500 Simoleons, four Muse, five Dreams, five Goodwill and five Bling. But that's not all: You will also need an Easel and one item from the Alice in Wonderland clothing collection. But don't worry, a fine TimeForTea Tray with a whopping 4,300 House Value is in it for you.
The Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Part 1
Curiouser and Curiouser Part 1
  • Say "Curiouser and Curiouser" to 2 Sims
  • Go Down Rabbit Hole 3 Times
  • Eat Luxurious Cupcakes 3 Times

Basically, all of these tasks can be completed at Bella's house. You will need at least one friend to say "Curiouser and Curiouser" to, as each Sim you say it to must be different. Find the Rabbit outside of Bella's house, and the Luxurious Cupcakes can be found on the table in the room with the stereo in her house.
The Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Part 2
Curiouser and Curiouser Part 2
  • Collect 3 Red Essence
  • Do 4 Skill Interactions with Easels
  • Paint 4 Different White Roses Red

To collect Red Essence, just click on any piece of red furniture in your Sim's or friends' houses, and choose the option. If you don't have an Easel in your Sim's house, the cheapest one available costs just 100 Simoleons. To paint four different White Roses red, find Queen's Rose Bushes at Bella's house and perform the action on those. However, your Sim will grow bored of this twice, so fulfill your Sim's needs before trying to complete the task.
The Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Part 3
Curiouser and Curiouser Part 3
  • Have 4 Muse
  • Clear 6 Grass to find Cheshire Cat
  • Ask Cheshire Cat "What's Going On?"

The four Muse will come from playing music, completing works of art, or taking pictures of birds. You can also ask friends for more Muse. The grass must be cleared in your own home, and if you've already cleared the grass before receiving this task, you must wait until it grows again randomly on your property. To find the Cheshire Cat, you must keep visiting friends to see if it appears in their gardens, as it's a very rare occurrence. Only fast way around this one is to fork up 3 SimCash, sorry.
The Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Part 4
Curiouser and Curiouser Part 4
  • Have 5 Dreams
  • Have 5 Goodwill
  • Have 10 Pieces of Evidence

Hopefully, you stocked up on Dreams using that little trick we recently mentioned. If not, you can force your Sim to sleep continually until enough of them drop. The five Goodwill will come from helpful social interactions. A surefire way to get Goodwill is to fix neighbors' broken gadgets and appliances.You can collect the 10 pieces of evidence from Bella's house, which holds over 10 items you can collect evidence from.
The Sims Social Curiouser and Curiouser Part 5
Curiouser and Curiouser Part 5
  • Have One Piece of Alice in Wonderland Clothing
  • Have 5 Bling
  • Eat Piece of "EatMe Cake"
You'll have to pay up at least a few Simoleons to complete this first task. As for the second, try to find the Blue Plumbob Garden Asteroids that randomly appear on your Sim's property. You can also ask friends directly for Bling. Bella has some EatMe Cake in her house for players to complete this final task with. Just remember to select the "EatMe" option.

And that's it. By the time you're done with this week-long quest, you'll have earned 105 XP, five Energy, 30 Social Points, 580 Simoleons and 105 Lifetime Points. Oh, and you'll score that nifty TimeForTea Tray. But really, this just leaves us curiouser for what's to come. (We're so sorry.)

[Source and Image Credits: Sims Social Fansite]

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