12 Best Cities for High Paying Jobs (SLIDESHOW)



Boston skyline
Boston skyline

y Caitlin Dewey

Getting hired in today's tough job market is hard. Landing a position that pays well is even harder. The secret to a successful search for employment that comes with a fat paycheck lies in looking for work in the right places. That's why we crunched the numbers to identify 12 of the best cities for high-paying jobs.

We started with Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine's list of the 100 best value cities in the U.S., which favors metro areas with healthy local economies, affordable living costs and appealing amenities. Then we used data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Indeed.com, a job-search website, to pinpoint cities with below-average unemployment and above-average income growth. (Click the gallery below.)

Because we're concentrating on locating the best cities for high paying jobs, we looked for places with a high total number of postings for jobs that pay at least $50,000 per year. We also made sure that the number of $50,000-plus job postings per 100 unemployed workers was greater than or equal to the average of 11.

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