PyramidVille Adventure, or FrontierVille in Egypt, slated for iPhone, iPad

PyramidVille Adventure
Wait, how in the world has Zynga not slapped this with a lawsuit yet? At any rate, French social games developer Kobojo and publisher Bulkypix plan to drop PyramidVille Adventure on iPhone and iPad early this year. Basically a mobile take on the somewhat successful game (sans the "Adventure") on Facebook, Kobojo hopes to add some much-needed variety to its franchise.

On paper, PyramidVille Adventure doesn't sound too different from its predecessor: Players must build an Egyptian city by cultivating farms, constructing new buildings and generally decorating their land. You'll assume the role of either Cleopatra or Ramses, and erect famous ancient wonders like the Great Sphinx or the Lighthouse of Alexandria. But where's the variety?
PyramidVille Adventure characters
Ah, yes: Kobojo will introduce mini games with this mobile version of PyramidVille, though has yet to reveal what those mini games will entail other than a distraction from the main play hook. (A main play hook that embraces everything 'Ville, mind you.) Players will also get to conduct commerce with characters from other parts of the of the world through the game's Nile River.

One thing PyramidVille Adventure has going for it (aside from being free-to-play) is some impressive character art, which Kobojo released today. The nine characters make it clear that this version of PyramidVille will focus heavily on characters from around the globe. However, we'll have to wait and see whether Kobojo does enough to differentiate itself from the elephant in the room.

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