Pioneer Trail Crop Crafting Nursery: Everything you need to know

If you're above level 17 in Pioneer Trail, and are tired of planting the same old crops day in and day out, why not take a look at the new Crop Nursery that has just been released in the game? This Crop Nursery will allow you to "craft" crops, with there being three new crops available to create as of this writing. There are also animals up for grabs in the feature's accompanying goals, so let's jump right into this feature, shall we?

First things first, you'll need to build your Crop Nursery. Once you place the base on your land, you'll need to collect quite a few ingredients from friends:

  • 12 Windstruments

  • 12 Plant Guides

  • 12 Large Bags of Soil

  • 15 Wikiwah Seeds

  • 15 Handcrafted Pots

  • 15 Wooden Planters

The Windstruments, Plant Guides and Large Bags of Soil can be earned by posting general requests on your wall / news feed, while the other three items come from individual requests sent to friends. When you've finished building the Crop Nursery, you can head inside to view the Crafting Workbench, where you can actually craft packets of seeds for these new crops (like the Choconut Squash). Of course, there are goals to complete as well.

Learnin Begins

  • Place Crop Nursery

  • Tend 40 Adult Cows on your Homestead

  • Collect 10 Nursing Pots

Your rewards for this first (relatively simple) goal are two Hazelnut Trees, 250 coins and 250 XP. You can purchase more of these Hazelnut Trees in the market if you so choose.

Squashin It

  • Collect 2 Crop Nursery Daily Bonuses

  • Harvest 10 Hazelnut Trees

  • Craft 30 Choconut Squash

Luckily, you'll receive 30 Choconut Squash by crafting this new crop just a single time. However, doing that is easier said than done. You'll first need to have seven Hazelnuts (found by tending Hazelnut Trees) and seven Cocoa Grafts (ask your friends to send them to you) to craft just a Coco-Hazel Sprout. You'll then need 10 of these, along with a Squash Sprout (ask your friend for one) to actually create the 30 Choconut Squash seeds.

When you finish this entire goal, you'll receive 3 Longhorn Bulls, 500 XP, and an unlock for the Tomato Pepper recipe.


  • Tend 25 Longhorn Bulls

  • Craft 30 Tomato Peppers

  • Collect 10 Maize Baskets

This process of crafting the Tomato Peppers is similar to that of the Squash above. You'll need eight Longhorn Fertilizer (tend Longhorn Bulls) and seven Tomato Vines (ask friends) to create a single Texas Tomato. You'll need three Texas Tomatoes and 12 Chili Flowers (ask friends) to craft a batch of 30 Tomato Pepper seeds.

When you finish this goal, you will have technically completed all of the goals associated with this Crop Nursery / Crafting event, and you'll receive a Hummingbird and 750 XP. However, there's one more crop available, if you're up to creating it.

The Wikiwah Buttercorn is available to craft after completing the above goals. You'll need to have 10 Hummingbird Nectar (tend Hummingbirds) and eight Corn Roots (ask friends) to create a batch of five Sweet Corn. You'll then need those five Sweet Corn (just a single batch) and 16 Butternut Seeds (ask friends) to craft a batch of 30 Wikiwah Buttercorn seeds. Why mess with crafting the Buttercorn at all, if it's not required for a goal? Well, tending it can give off bonus energy and Fast Hands Boosts. So, not a total loss, if you have some extra time on your hands, don't you think?

Will you rush to build your Crop Nursery in Pioneer Trail, or are you still trying to clear out your goal window of Christmas and New Year's Eve content? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!