Pioneer Trail: Start the new year with promises of change from Zynga

As we start a new year both in the real world and in Pioneer Trail on Facebook, we've received some reassurance from Zynga about how the game will continue to grow and even improve this year. The news comes by way of a letter posted by Pioneer Trail Community Manager Stumpgrinder on the game's official forums.

The letter is a bit lengthy, so we'll give you the most important bits here:

  • Starting today, Gears in Holiday Hollow should be much easier to earn

  • New items are being given away on the game's Facebook fan page, and that will soon include free Gears

  • The maps to Fort Courage will remain open until the end of January, giving users a bit of an extension

  • Hank and Fanny will return in a "big" way with new goals involving the Newlyweds

  • Monumental Homestead goals are coming soon

In addition to these tidbits, we've learned that Homestead space (or a lack thereof) won't be as large of a concern in the coming months, thanks to another building that is being released in the game. We're being assured that this building is worth constructing, as you'll be able to store your other buildings inside it. Here's the full explanation:

"Before you start groaning about yet another new building, let me explain: it'll let you store certain kinds of buildings inside of it--many of which you weren't able to store before. In addition, you can interact with those buildings inside of this new building. Crafting menus, bonus collection, etc. It'll all be available for you, stored away inside the new building."

In other words, it sounds like this will simply give us a way to free up space on our homesteads without having to drag buildings back out of storage to actually interact with them. That's a pretty big convenience, so I wouldn't expect it to be the easiest building to complete, but we'll look out for it all the same.

Are you excited by the announcements made by Zynga this week, or is this all too little, too late in your opinion? Have you stuck with the game through all of its ups and downs, or did you quit playing the game a long time ago? Sound off in the comments.