Game of the Day: Bubble Crush

Bubble Crush
Bubble Crush

Today's Game of the Day is Bubble Crush! Now it may not look like much, but this game is strictly a no-frills, all-rush, bubble-bursting experience.

The object of the game is to rack up the highest score that you can within 85 seconds. To do this, you click on bubbles of the same color that are in groups of two or more. You initially start off with blue and yellow bubbles, but the faster you play, the more colors appear, such as green and then purple. More colors mean less chances of same-color clusters, which makes matching bubbles more difficult. But random bombs will also appear to help you clear the screen.

These bubbles fall at an alarming speed, but don't fret. Unlike most games, your game won't end if the screen is overflowing with bubbles. It'll only end when the timer runs out.

Click here to play Bubble Crush!

How high a score were you able to get in Bubble Crush?

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