FarmVille Pic of the Day: Lighthouse Heart on the Sea by AndreaHopps

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Something about Duke's Airship (from the English Countryside event) makes FarmVille players love adding it to their farm-sized artworks. We usually spot it within fantastical settings, such as the Dragon's head or Neverland. Maybe the Union Jack comes off as irresistibly classy. Or the way the little intrepid blimp connotes adventure. Either way, humanity still has love left for dirigibles, as steampunk hasn't failed to stop trending.

AndreaHopps' creation is equally adventurous, but with a touch of the romantic. For in this striking scene, Duke's Airship is seen swinging towards a giant heart atop a lonely lighthouse, as a huge wave looms in the backdrop. This must be one of the most painterly farms ever made, with colors so textured, they look like brush strokes or cross-stitching. I also can't help but feel I've seen this otherworldly scene before. There's something so calming and bold about it at the same time. This seriously belongs in an art museum.

Do you think FarmVille farm art is good enough to be showcased in a real world art gallery?
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