CityVille New Year's Resolutions: Everything you need to know

While we've reached the point in the new year where many folks have already given upon their New Year's Resolutions, your citizens in CityVille are just now getting around to making some. For roughly the next two months, you'll have the opportunity to complete three sets of resolutions goals in the game, surrounding common themes (losing weight or going green, for instance). This feature has a setup similar to that of the Halloween Monsters or Save the Holiday events, in that each set of resolutions constitutes an "act," with each act having three goals.

Resolution 1: To Help Others

This resolution features the Boys and Girls Center community building, but you must complete the three goals one at a time.

Kids' Fun

  • Place Boys and Girls Center

  • Complete Boys and Girls Center

  • Ask for 6 Hammers

The Hammers come from a general news item on your wall. The Boys and Girls Center requires 12 energy to complete the frame, and from there you'll need to collect buildings ingredients to finish it off. You'll need four each of Activity Schedules, Colored Fencing, Rope Ladders, Tire Swings and Pet Rabbits, with all of these items being available through either general news items on your wall, or through individual requests sent to friends.

When you finish this community building, you town's maximum population allowance will increase by 4,500, but it can be upgraded from there. For finishing the overall Kids' Fun goal, you'll receive the ability to upgrade your Boys and Girls Center to Level 2 by simply clicking on it.

Help Your Neighbors!

  • Send 40 Tour Buses to Neighbors' Businesses

  • Collect Rent from 40 Neighbor Houses

  • Ask for 12 Power Drills

You'll need to visit at least 16 neighbors to finish off these two tasks, but the only thing stopping you from doing that in a single day is whether or not you actually have that many neighbors. When you finish this goal - no matter how long it takes you - you'll receive an upgrade taking your Boys and Girls Center to Level 3.

Help Wanted!

  • Harvest Goods 15 Times in Neighbor Cities

  • Revive or Water 15 Neighbor Crops

  • Ask for 20 Paint Rollers

The Harvesting Goods task counts for harvesting both crops or unloading your friends' ships. For finishing this final goal in the Helping Others resolution set, you'll receive the final upgrade to the Boys and Girls Center, taking it to Level 4.
Resolution 2: To Live Healthier

This resolution features the Health Complex, a business that can be upgraded.

Let's Live Healthier!

  • Place Health Complex

  • Complete Health Complex

  • Ask for 6 Exercise Bikes

You'll need to earn the Exercise Bikes from friends. Meanwhile, the Health Complex is a large business with a frame that takes eight energy to construct. You'll need to collect parts to completely finish this one: four each of Climbing Harnesses, Trampolines, Jump Ropes, Medicine Balls and Pool Filters.

When the Health Complex is done, you'll be able to operate the business for 500 Goods (to receive a minimum of 2,500 coins each time those Goods are used). When you complete this overall goal, you'll need to make sure your Health Complex is currently supplied, and can then click on the building to upgrade it to Level 2 as your reward.

Improve Your Diet

  • Harvest 40 Cranberries

  • Harvest 40 Carrots

  • Ask for 12 Swim Goggles

Again, the reward for finishing this goal is another automatic upgrade of the Health Complex (this time to Level 3). You'll need to make sure your business is currently operating and can then click on the building to upgrade it.

Get Some Rest

  • Collect from 60 Residences

  • Collect from 60 Businesses

  • Ask for 20 Tennis Balls

These can be any kind of home or business, so feel free to collect from those that generate rent or profits quicker than others if you'd like to finish this goal sooner, rather than later. When you do finally finish this goal (and the entire "Live Healthier" resolution line), you'll receive the final upgrade to your Health Complex, bringing it to a Level 4 business.

Resolution 3: Let's Go Green

This final resolution deals with lessening your citizens' impact on their virtual environment, and introduces the Common Green community building to the game.

Let's Go Green

  • Place Common Green

  • Complete Common Green

  • Ask for 6 Swings

The Common Green is a community building with a base that takes 12 energy to construct. You'll need to collect building materials to finish it off: four each of Plumbing Pipes, Gazebo Roofs, Lawn Mowers, Park Tiles and Butterfly Feeders.

As with the other two buildings, these come from your friends (either through individual gift requests or general news items on your wall. When you finish the Common Green, your maximum population cap will go up by 4,500 citizens. For finishing this entire goal, you'll automatically earn an upgrade to Level 2 of the community building.

Take Out the Trash

  • Collect 20 Scraps of Paper

  • Collect 10 Empty Cans

  • Ask for 12 Park Benches

The Scraps of Paper can be earned at random when collecting from businesses, while the Empty Cans can be earned randomly when collecting profits from community buildings. The Park Benches can be earned from friends. Finishing this goal gives you the upgrade to a Level 3 Common Green item.

Put Down Roots

  • Collect 30 Bags of Soil

  • Collect 30 Piles of Compost

  • Ask for 20 Seedlings

The Seedlings come from friends, while the Bags of Soil and Piles of Compost can be earned at random from either harvesting crops or collecting rent from residences (respectively). Finishing this final goal in the Go Green resolution series pushes your Common Green to the Level 4 upgrade.
Again, these goals will only be available in the game until the end of February. That should give you plenty of time to complete all nine, but if not, keep in mind that there is no overall reward for finishing all three sets. Unless you're concerned with upgrading each of the three buildings to Level 4, don't feel the need to overwhelm yourself in order to get it done in time.

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these New Year's Resolutions goals in CityVille? Will you work on completing all three, or will you only finish one or two sets instead? Sound off in the comments.