Building the Cafe World Dutch Oven: Everything you need to know

While Cafe World has never been at a loss for cooking appliances, we've received yet another option to add to our cafes this week: The Dutch Oven. While it may not traditionally be a good idea to have a massive, open flame in your restaurant, here you're encouraged to do so, as you can use it to cook new recipes - Wild Game recipes, to be specific - once you've actually completed its construction.

To build the Dutch Oven, you'll need to collect four groups of building materials:

  • 7 Firewood

  • 7 Charcoal

  • 8 Cooking Tools

  • 8 Cast Iron Pans

The Firewood and Cooking Tools are earned through general news items you'll place on your wall, while the Charcoal and Cast Iron Pans are earned through individual requests sent out to neighbors.

Completing the Dutch Oven is part of the new Dutch Oven goal series, which contains 13 different goals for you to complete, as of this writing. You can only have one Dutch Oven in your cafe for right now (although that might change in the future), and unfortunately, you won't be able to earn parts to build the Dutch Oven from Special Delivery Boxes (again, this might change). You can only cook dishes unlocked through the Wild Game goal series, so make sure you start on those as soon as you can to actually give your Dutch Oven a purpose! Good luck!

Are you excited to get started building your Dutch Oven in Cafe World? What other appliances or cooking tools is the game still missing that you would like to see added? Sound off in the comments.