Hey, Rovio, you missed one: Angry Birds lands on Samsung's Wave 3

Angry Birds
Angry Birds

Yup, we think that's about all of them, now. Rovio has thrown Angry Birds onto yet another platform, GSM Arena reports. The Mickey Mouse of mobile games is now available on Samsung's Bada smartphone operating system (OS) for absolutely free. However, only one of Samsung's smartphones with Bada OS supports the game: The Wave 3.

More specifically, players must own a Samsung Wave S8600 3, complete with Bada Version 2.0 installed. The game is available now on the Samsung Apps Store, but only for that specific device with at least that version of the OS installed. For all 300 of you--a wild estimation--Bada fans out there, you can now play Angry Birds like the rest of us could since 2009. Congratulations.

At this point, we think Angry Birds just might have finally reached its saturation point on mobile devices. (My coffee maker doesn't have the game yet, so there's a new market, eh?) Thankfully, the Finnish developer plans to make good on the 6.5 million downloads it enjoyed this past Christmas Day with new types of games involving its Angry Birds. Angry Birds Racing, here we come.

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