Quote of the Moment: 'Zynga, Kixeye, Kabam try to make the same game'

Rumble Games's first game
Rumble Games's first game

Those are harsh words coming from a Zynga alumnus, don't you think? John Yoo, lead designer and co-founder of the new social game maker Rumble Games (and formerly of the big red dog), said the words to Business Insider in an in-depth interview. "Zynga, Kixeye and Kabam try to make the same game over and over," Yoo told the website.

Yoo and former BioWare (which has since gotten into social games) CEO Greg Richardson have raised $15 million from investors like Google Ventures on the premise that their games will provide "hardcore" gamers with the Facebook experience they're looking for. Rumble Games plans to release two games in the first half of 2012, using the new Flash Player 11--the latest in the most commonly used tool to create social games--to offer high-quality games "that people would pay for in a boxed game."

"I do think our games will be different, when we have combat in our games we want it to feel like combat," Yoo said to Business Insider, referring to the strategy social games put out by Kabam and Kixeye. "We want you to actively feel like you're taking a punch or swinging a sword. We want players to participate in the actions of controlling a character and battling it out to that effect."

Developers other than Kabam and Kixeye have tried to cater to the hardcore audience on Facebook before, even with full-blown shooters, to tepid results. So, it's uncertain whether Rumble Games can create a commercial hit going after the same crowd. That said, what appears to be the studio's first game does look fairly badass, if a tad familiar.

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Do you agree that Zynga and its ilk are simply pushing out the same game over and over again? Do you think a start-up like Rumble Games can break the supposed monotony? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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