Words With Friends turns strangers 2,300 miles away into newlyweds

Words WIth Friends couple
Words WIth Friends couple

It's as if social games have become the new Match.com. Megan Lawless, a 32-year-old Chicagoan, and Jasper Jasperse, a 31-year-old reigning from the Netherlands, found love in each other through Zynga's now famous mobile social game, Words With Friends, RedEye reports. The two apparently met through a random match of the Scrabble-esque game over the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday.

According to RedEye, their fateful meeting started with a simple "hi" and "hello", but quickly marched into email exchanges, Skype chats and eventually an in-person meeting. Soon after, Jasperse moved to the U.S. for Lawless, the two were engaged and they married in July 2011. Jasperse told RedEye that, while some might think of it as hasty, he disagrees.

"Most people think, when we tell the story, that we right away started a very intimate conversation," the Netherlander said. "It very gradually built up to finally meeting each other ... At one point, I spoke to Megan more than anybody else around me."

Lawless had her own troubles explaining her new found love both to friends and family, but for different reasons. Old folks, like her 75-year-old father, simply don't get this stuff. "I think he still doesn't quite understand how we met," Lawless told RedEye. "I guess I thought people would think it was really geeky or weird."

But as RedEye points out, how could they? Not only has Words With Friends become a celebrity phenomenon, but social games have become quite the romantic catalyst for some. Just look at how games like Bejeweled Blitz and even Mafia Wars have brought people together. Though, we think Lawless and Jasperse might hold the distance record for some time.

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