Game of the Day: Pearl Lover

pearl lover game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is Pearl Lover! As the romantic, manly lobster, you'll have to grab the best pearls out of the ocean for your special lady lobster friend. But though your lobster gal is pretty easy going, she has some specific tastes. So even though she'll be happy with any pearl you can get for her, you'll get extra points for nabbing a pearl of her desired color. But be careful, your pearl claw is a powerful device, and unless you grab pearls by their dangling root, you'll run the risk of bursting them!

You don't need to love pearls or lobster in order to love Pearl Lover. This game has it all: action, adventure, and romance. As the romantic lobster man, you'll need a careful touch and a great sense of timing to grab those pearls. If you think you're up for it, give Pearl Lover a shot. Your lobster lady friend awaits!

Click here to play Pearl Lover!
pearl lover game of the daypearl lover game of the day
What level were you able to get to in Pearl Lover?
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