Melania Trump's Golden Penthouse

As far as ostentatious New York penthouses go, this may Trump them all.

A tip of the hat to for directing us to's exclusive photos of the mind-blowingly lavish digs of Melania Trump, The Donald's vivacious, smoking-hot wife, who has appeared on the cover of magazines including Vogue, Vanity Fair and Elle.

A former design and architecture major, Melania Trump (pictured at left) was probably no stranger to opulent interiors even before she married real estate's King Midas in 2005. We've speculated in the past about what she and her husband might do to the White House, which was already valued at more than $200 million in January, if he actually followed through with a presidential run -- and made the cut. The makeover would, no doubt, feature a lot of gold. Trump is crazy about the stuff. In fact, he accepted gold as a deposit for an apartment in one of his towers this year.

Now back to the apartment: It's located in one of her husband's many humbly-named luxury residential buildings -- the Trump Palace of Manhattan's Upper East Side -- and (surprise, surprise) it oozes opulence. Gold covers the walls and ceilings. There is a fountain in the sitting room. Basically, everything is oppressively garish. Melania herself reportedly embodies none of the place's pomp, however.

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