Holiday Employment Hope To All And To All A Good 2012

changing jobs in the new year 2012By Kevin W. Grossman

That was our pact. The fact that if it got to the point where we literally cried at the end of the workday, it was time to leave.

That's what we did one night in December 1995. We made a pact that we'd walk away if our work worlds just became too unbearable. Which is exactly what we did – I quit six months after the pact and then my boss quit less than a year after that. Of course, it was a much different "workscape" back then; we both walked straight into new jobs.

But if we had made the same pact during the last few years, would we have followed through and would the same opportunities have been there?

I don't know. It's easier said than done, even for those of us who make our way these days. I mean, too many of us are bolted to where we stand with either too much debt or the fear of no other job prospects in sight.

The unhappiness factor is still so very high per my last article Pushing For Empowered Employment From The Inside Out, and not just for those of us employed in some capacity yet emotionally disconnected; there are those of you who've been looking and looking and looking and then stopping. According to The Economist:

The main reason that the unemployment rate fell so impressively in November was not that a lot of jobs were created, but that a larger number of people became discouraged and stopped looking for work. If you add those unhappy people back into the workforce, the true rate of unemployment is nearly a point higher than the official 8.6%; add in all those in part-time work who want to work full time, and the rate is over 15%.

My point is not to completely ruin the holidays for you, though; I actually have some holiday employment hope to share.

Last week I was part of a roundtable on titled Recruiting: The Year in Review and Predictions for 2012, and during the discussion we concurred on these three trends:

  • Companies that take care of their own employees and hire based on experience and cultural fit will thrive and bring on the best and brightest in 2012. (And you can review many of those companies right here on Glassdoor.)

  • Social recruiting technologies are getting better and more accurate and more companies will be using them to find you in 2012. (Which is why you need to create and maintain your online profiles!)

  • The most innovative companies in 2012 will those that build solid brand and reduce barriers to hiring through online talent communities and the community mindset. (Which is why you need to again build your profile and participate in the brand communities that interest you.)

My final point is worth repeating from my last article, especially to get you in front of the above companies.

Tell a story, keep it real and make your business case.

Use the professional "Summary" sections across all your online networks to immediately highlight:

  • Your career objective/s and/or what you love to do.
  • How your previous and current experience validates your career objective/s.
  • Your results and accomplishments and how they could benefit a future employer, partner and/or investor (hey, you never know) even if you're not "in the market."
  • Your personal interests and how those round out your world as well as for a future employer, partner and/or investor.

Happy Holidays and here's to a prosperous 2012!

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