FarmVille: Winter and ice items come to the Craftshop

If you still craft items inside your Craftshops in FarmVille, you'll be happy to know that your set of available crafting options has now increased by three. That's right - three new recipes have been added to the Craftshop, all in a winter and ice theme (and one is even functional!).

The first recipe is the Magic Snowflake, giving you another outlet for earning Magic Snowflakes (for your Magic Snowman) aside from crafting items in your Sweet Shoppe or Spa (and the like), earning them from your friends' wall posts or collecting them from your Ice Palace. A single Magic Snowflake requires one Mint Candy, two Sugar Cane and three Green Tea bushels to create, and it takes six hours once you start the crafting process.

The other two items are decorations in the form of the Ice Pig Sculpture and the Ice Horse Sculpture. The Pig requires two Wheat, two Lilac and three Peanut bushels, while the Horse takes three Cranberry, two Cotton and three Spinach bushels. Both of these recipes take 10 hours to complete, but of course, you can ask your friends to help you out along the way. If you need some mastery stars to unlock other recipes in your Craftshop, these two are perfect, as you only need to craft each a single time to reach the first star of mastery. Earning the other two stars on each will likely be just as easy.

Either way, these recipes appear to be permanent, as none of them are marked with time limits. If I were to make a guess, I'd say that the Magic Snowflake recipe might eventually expire, but even then, it's not a guarantee. If you've given up on crafting, make sure to take a look at these new recipes to see if they can be the spark that gets you back into the feature.

What do you think of these new winter and ice-themed recipes in the Craftshop? Do you actively craft items in your farm? What sorts of items do you craft the most? Sound off in the comments.