CityVille Parisian Arch: Everything you need to know

While CityVille has never really been at a loss for community buildings, allowing you to increase your maximum population cap as much as you'd like (to a point), there's a new community building now available that gives your population cap a giant boost! The Parisian Arch is now available for users level 55 and above, and when it's complete, you'll be able to add 3,500 more citizens to your town. Of course, actually building the Arch is easier said than done.

First and for most, you'll complete this Parisian Arch through a trio of new goals. The first asks you to place (and complete) the Arch, collect 40 French Pastries from Residences and then collect from 40 Paris shipping Parcels. Once you've placed the base of the Parisian Arch in your city, you'll need to spend seven energy to build the frame and can then go to work collecting building materials to finish it off. You'll need 30 ingredients in all:

  • 6 French Relief

  • 6 Eternal Flame

  • 6 Sculpted Soldier

  • 6 Marble Column

  • 6 Engraved Shield

These items are earned through a combination of individual gift requests and general news posts placed on your wall. When heading back to the first goal in this series, you'll receive 300 XP and 15 energy. Here's how to finish off the other two goals in the trio.

French Cuisine

  • Collect from Parisian Arch 3 Times

  • Collect from French Cafes or Restaurants 40 Times

  • Collect 40 French Cookbooks from Community Buildings

Each community building you collect from gives you a random chance at receiving a French Cookbook. The community building doesn't need to be themed to the event in order to give these off. When you finish this goal, you'll receive another 300 XP and 15 energy.

Seeing Double

  • Collect from Parisian Arch 3 Times

  • Water 50 Neighbors' Plots

  • Collect 10 times from Cruise Ships

The neighbor task simply asks you to water your friends' crops that are growing in their cities; it doesn't matter which kind of crop they're growing so long as you water them. For finishing this goal, you'll receive Andre's House, a home that offers 35-680 population to your town, and 315 coins in rent each day.

What do you think of these Parisian Arch goals, or the Arch itself in CityVille? Will you immediately go to work on building one, or do you have enough community buildings in your town to last quite a while? Sound off in the comments.