A drivable Toyota Prius V is about to park in The Sims Social [Rumor]

Toyota Prius V
Toyota Prius V

Remember when we suggested that The Sims Social get a hold of some big time features as a means of getting players back? Well, ask and you shall might receive, as Sims Social Fansite claims to have learned that cars are headed to Playfish's number one Facebook game. Better yet, the first drivable car in EA's crown jewel on Facebook will be the 2012 Toyota Prius V.

The fan site doesn't cite any sources, nor does it provide screen shots, so let's treat this as one helluva juicy rumor for The Sims Social fans. Sims Social Fansite believes that EA has signed a deal with Toyota to make the heavily-branded feature happen. Furthermore, the Prius V will be introduced to the game as a quest reward after Playfish runs an Alice in Wonderland theme the week of Jan. 19, according to Sims Social Fansite, and will only be usable for two weeks.

After Jan. 19, Toyota's green vehicle will arrive in the game as a quest reward for players that complete eco-friendly tasks like recycling and checking electrical appliances throughout a green-themed week of quests, the fan site reports. As of this writing, the article detailing this information has been removed from the website. We can't confirm whether any of this real, but if it is, Sims Social Fansite certainly paints a likely picture.

[Image Credit: Toyota]

Are you excited by the idea of drivable cars coming to The Sims Social? What do you think of Toyota potentially being a sponsor for the event, and do you think this stuff is legit? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.