The Sims Social Pic of the Day: Nyan Cat House by PeachesLatrell

Sims Social Nyan Cat
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Who'd have thought that a cat with the body of a Pop Tart and rainbows coming out of its butt while flying through space would be a hit? And what does it even mean?Not even the kids know. But if you live on the internet, then you must've heard of Nyan Cat, one of 2011's biggest memes and most watched YouTube videos.

Now diehard fans of both Nyan Cat and The Sims Social players can rejoice, as one player, PeachesLatrell, figured out a way to combine tile art and furniture released during the game's Sci-Fi Week to build her own custom Nyan Cat house. By using furniture to create the rainbow, the creator has kept her house in the realm of functionality. Because a house covered in carpets doesn't do much but look pretty.

Each room is dominated by a rainbow color with matching doors:
  • Red is the bathroom and uses the Venus Portal (750 Simoleons), plus some items from the Dr Pepper giveaway.
  • Orange is the kitchen, uses the Neptune Portal (350 Social Points) and contains the Llamark Chillblast Fall (2,000 Simoleons).
  • Green is the living room and uses the Mars Portal (750 Simoleons).
  • Blue is the bathroom, uses the Solar Portal (350 Social Points) and contains the Hygenix Ocean (10,000 Simoleons).
  • Finally, there's indigo, which uses the Jupiter Portal (750 Simoleons) and has the King Sighs Plum Bed (49 Sim Cash).

To add on that space-age vibe, each room gets FutureFace Myriad (2,500 Simoleons) for windows and Nyan Cat is set on a black background with pixelated white stars.

Are you hooked on Nyan Cat? Would you love to live in a real Nyan Cat house? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment
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