In Star Supremacy on Facebook, go to war with the game's creators

Star Supremacy
Star Supremacy

Want to differentiate your strategy social game from the rest of them? Then get involved. Chinese developer Barbily plans to do just that with its Facebook version of browser-based, sci-fi strategy MMO (massively multiplayer online game), Star Supremacy. The game launches today on Facebook, and already the Barbily team plans to engage its players by bringing the fight to them.

For starters, three Barbily GMs (game masters) will actively play Star Supremacy, controlling two advanced colonies each. Of course, all of these territories will be home to massive reserves of resources, which players can attack for major gains. Barbily will publish the coordinates of these developer-controlled colonies on the Star Supremacy Facebook fan page. However, Barbily warns that there will be consequences if players decide to set up trade routes through these colonies or organize large assaults.

In other words, just try and take it to the developers--they're waiting for a good fight. Like most Facebook game developers with new games, Barbily will give its players free in-game gifts when the fan page reaches 500 and 1,000 "Likes". But the Suzhou-based developer thinks it's far different from Zynga's lot of games.

Star Supremacy in action
Star Supremacy in action

"What makes us different from CityVille, FarmVille, CastleVille, or even Empires & Allies is that we are a sci-fi RTS game. " Barbily PR manager Thomas Watson said. "We've read a lot of feedback from players both inside and outside our forums. Players expect a lot from a browser-based RTS. I am proud to say that our developers are working very fast and very hard to bring out new features and big fixes on a weekly basis."

While that's certainly true, we've yet to see what differentiates Star Supremacy from the growing lot of sci-fi strategy games on Facebook like Edgeworld and Galaxy Life. We certainly haven't heard of a Facebook game's developers taunting its players to battle immediately upon release before.

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