Scumbag Zynga meme just wants you to "pay up, bro"


Ah, the power of the internet. It has graced us with hours of sarcastic entertainment about most anything you could ever have a problem with... now including Zynga, the top dog in Facebook game development. The maker of FarmVille and CityVille is being called out by Reddit user Relayerduos, who decided to create an internet meme based on complaints many users have for the company's games.

There aren't many images now (you can create your own, if you feel so inclined), but the ones that have been created deal with automatic wall posts, the prices of premium items and the sometimes overwhelming requirements for in-game goals. Of course, these images are more for humor than an actual attempt to change Zynga's ways, but it's interesting to see how far Zynga's influence (and its sometimes questionable practices) has spread across the web.

Want to create your own meme about Zynga, or any other Facebook game developer? You can do so right here.

Are there any important points these images have yet to touch on? If you created a meme, share it with us here, or just sound off your opinions in the comments below!