Game of the Day: Krazy Chef

Krazy Chef level 2
Krazy Chef level 2

Today's obligatory Game of the Day is Krazy Chef! This kooky, platform game hails from 7Seas Technologies, a major casual games company headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

In Krazy Chef, you play a chef that's been shrunk down to size after eating a "magic fruit". Your goal is to find the "fruit of remedy" to bring you back to normal size. To do this, you need to jump around a lot, collecting Medicine Boxes hidden within various environments. (Don't worry, they don't hide them very hard.) Note that you won't be able to get to the next level unless you find all the Medicine Boxes.

Your enemies are the occasional ant or roach, but your greatest enemy is time. You start off with three lives, no renewable health (three strikes by bugs and you're dead), and if you don't manage to make it to the exit point before the time bar is depleted, then you lose a life and have to restart the level. This is a punishing game, but there's only four levels, so with a bit of patience, it can be beaten.

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Krazy Chef
Krazy Chef completed

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