FarmVille: Snowflake crafting recipes help you build a snowman

After the release of the Magic Snowman in FarmVille, you might be wondering if there are additional ways to earn Magic Snowflakes, other than by waiting for your Ice Palace to be ready to harvest or by earning them from friends' wall posts. Fortunately, there are other ways of earning more Snowflakes, but you'll have to put forth a bit of your own effort (and time) to do so.

There are new crafting recipes across your Home and Winter Wonderland farms, with these limited edition recipes all being themed around Snowflakes. Whether you craft these recipes or just collect shared samples from friends, when you "use" them - redeem them for fuel - you'll receive a free Magic Snowflake.

On your Home Farm, your particular kind of crafting building will determine which craft you'll actually make. For instance, you'll craft Snowflake Soap in the Spa, with each batch of soap requiring two Holly, three Aloe Vera and two Lilac bushels to create. In the Bakery (as another example), you'll create Snowflake Cookies, with each tray of cookies requiring three Gingerbread, two Sugar Cane and two Wheat bushels to craft.

Meanwhile, in Winter Wonderland, you'll craft the Sugar Snowflake inside your Sweet Shoppe. This one takes two Red Iceberry, one Gummi Bear and two Sugar Cane bushels to craft. As with other limited edition recipes, you'll apparently only need to reach Level 20 in mastery in order to receive the full five-star mastery sign that can be displayed on your farm. Oddly enough, there aren't any recipes in the Restaurant in Lighthouse Cove or the Pub in the English Countryside, so feel free to use those farms to grow crops that will give off the bushels you need elsewhere.

You only have a limited amount of time to craft these different recipes, so you will need to do a bit of multitasking to finish these multiple recipes to full mastery in time. Still, if you use your Lighthouse Cove and English Countryside farms effectively, you should be able to manage just that. Good luck!

Have you started crafting these snowflake-themed recipes across your farms? What do you think of the Magic Snowman feature overall? Sound off in the comments.