FarmVille Pic of the Day: Color-changing sheep light up Tielovou's tree

Farmville Christmas tree
Farmville Christmas tree

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Think of it as belated X'mas present. Four days after Christmas, FarmVille player Tielovou posted this animated screenshot in the official Zynga forums. Despite missing the game's last Farm of the Week Contest of 2011, Tielovou felt that this farm couldn't wait another year to show to people, and I've gotta agree, because this farm is definitely a winner. And believe me, we've seen tons of holiday tree farms this season.

According to Tielovou, this gigantic tree is made up of over 600 Mystery Seedlings that were carefully watered until they reached seven-eighths completion. Hay bales form the two presents beneath the tree and the star atop it. The present to the right remains untouched, while the one on the left appears opened, revealing three snow globes masquerading as presents.

Most amazing of all are the blinking Christmas lights, which are actually color-changing sheep that Zynga released last Spring, bred from the Chameleon Ewe and Chameleon Ram.

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When it comes to Christmas presents, do you think it's better late than never? Also, is this farm enough to make you want some color-changing sheep of your own? Sound off in the comments.Add Comments

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