The creator of Zynga Poker ain't down with online gambling yet [Report]

Zynga Casino
Zynga Casino

Now that the lot of social and casual games makers are bound to hop on the imminent online gambling bandwagon in the U.S., it was safe to assume that Zynga would be in on the action. Apparently, that's not so, according to what nameless sources close to the multi-billion-dollar game maker told Business Insider. One source told the website that Zynga hasn't even tried to make online gambling games in countries where laws are less strict.

A source told Business Insider that Zynga doesn't want to "screw up that community," likely referring to the existing online gambling circles of foreign countries. "You might not want to take money from your friends or your mother on Facebook," the anonymous source said. "But at the same time, the people you play with don't have to be your Facebook friends."

Of course, another nameless source agreed that games in which players wager real money would be a huge opportunity for the company. That's especially considering Zynga already has Zynga Poker and plans to release a Zynga Casino suite of games including Zynga Bingo. In short, the company already has the infrastructure to create such a game or multiple games to support online gambling.

According to an anonymous source talking to Business Insider, there have been talks of making such a game within Zynga HQ, but none are planned for the foreseeable future. And, if you ask us, a number of companies already in that space are likely more than willing to partake, like Caesars, DoubleDown Interactive and more. If Zynga comes around to changing its mind, it better do it quick, before the goldmine it's sitting on gets stripped.

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