Look And Feel Good Series: Vitamin D For Weight Loss, Depression And More

Vitamin D weight loss depression helpMany recent health books such as "The Vitamin D Cure" and "The Vitamin D Solution" are boasting the numerous health and weight loss benefits of Vitamin D. Did you know that nearly all overweight women have LOW levels of Vitamin D?

In the past the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D was 400 IU, but given recent findings, that is far too low. Though it's difficult to overdose on Vitamin D, the daily recommendation is now said to be 1,000 IU or more a day, combined with calcium and magnesium supplements. But first, have your Vitamin D levels checked by your doctor. It's a quick blood test.

Below is a list of the many extraordinary benefits of Vitamin D:

  • Women taking higher levels of Vitamin D have 80% less abdominal fat (Vitamin helps the liver break down fat more efficiently)
  • reduces food cravings,
  • uplifts mood and prevents depression,
  • can help reduce throbbing pain of headaches and chronic migraines,
  • can help prevent viruses and speeds relief of infections,
  • can lower the chance of breast cancer 30% – 50%,
  • can lower the chance of colon cancer 50%,
  • can lower other cancers 70%,
  • can lower rheumatoid arthritis by 42%,
  • can help prevent diabetes.

What are you waiting for? Get your Vitamin D levels checked.

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Happy New Year!

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