FarmVille Winter Fantasy Items: Icy Peach Tree, Frosty Fairy Duck and more

Since we've now wrapped up the New Year celebration, it's time for FarmVille to see a new limited edition item theme in the game. The folks at Zynga have created just that, as the store now plays host to a set of "Winter Fantasy" items. These items still deal with winter, so they'd look great on a similarly themed farm, but they don't have a holiday affiliation and can therefore be kept out until you decide to let the snow thaw on your farm(s).


Icy Peach Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Icy Peach Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Ice Sculpture Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Ice Sculpture Tree - 14 Farm Cash

All of these trees are similar shades of blue, so you'll want to make sure you're purchasing the ones you want before clicking to spend the Farm Cash. Remember, the Giant trees can be earned for free by growing Mystery Seedlings, so there's no reason to purchase those at all (unless you simply don't want to wait for the free option).


Frosty Fairy Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Big Blue Dragonfly Pig - 18 Farm Cash
Frosty Fairy Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Frosty Fairy Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Frosty Fairy Sheep - 16 Farm Cash
Little Blue Penguin - 2 million coins
Blue Dragonfly Pig - 16 Farm Cash

Here's where the "fantasy" part of this theme really comes into play, as almost all of these animals have wings, making them fantasy-themed fairies. They all contain plenty of blue as well, so I hope you like the color.


Winter Fairy House - 15 Farm Cash

This one combines blue, pink and purple to create a whimsical, yet still winter-themed house that looks like it's been dug out of a snow bank. There's a lot of detail on this one, so make sure to preview it before making a decision to purchase it.


Frosty Fairy Well - 150,000 coins
Snowflake Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Frosty Fairy Lake - 10 Farm Cash

The Frosty Fairy Lake doesn't really scream "fairies," but it is animated to show a breeze blowing snow off of some of the trees and bushes on the left side of the item. The Fairy Well, meanwhile, actually has twinkling fairies that animate around the item.

Avatar Clothing

Snow Queen - 7 Farm Cash

Depending on when you check this one out in your game, it may not actually show up when you preview or purchase it. This happens frequently with new items in FarmVille, so just check back in a couple of hours (or the next day) and you should see everything back to normal.

All of these items will be available in the game for the next two weeks. We'll make sure to let you know if additional Winter Fantasy items are released in future updates, so keep checking back with us!

What do you think of these Winter Fantasy items in FarmVille? Which ones will you purchase, and which will you pass on? Sound off in the comments.