FarmVille Mystery Game (1/1/12): Winter Fantasy animals take flight

As the first Mystery Game of the year in FarmVille, tonight's update has the potential for setting the stage for the year. Luckily, with the introduction of the new Winter Fantasy theme to the game tonight, we see some awesome looking animals being available in this week's game. Even better yet, we've started seeing free darts roll around to users so that most players will have a chance at at least one of these animals for free! Once you use your dart (or, if you haven't received your free one yet), you'll be able to take part in tonight's game for 20 Farm Cash. Here's what's available to win:

Frosted Fairy Bear
Frosted Fairy Cat
Frosted Fairy Deer
Frosted Fairy Dragon
Frosted Fairy Mini (horse)
Frosted Fairy Unicorn

Unfortunately, the Mini horse and the Unicorn look to be the two rarest prizes in this week's game, but perhaps you'll get lucky and receive one of them right away. Either way, if you manage to win one of every item in this week's game, you'll receive the Winter Fairy Cottage as your free gift. Just keep in mind that duplicates of the other six prizes are likely to happen (unless you have a lucky streak), so it could cost more than 120 Farm Cash (the overall cost if you received a different animal for each of the first six darts you purchased) if that's the case.

We wish you the best of luck in receiving the items you want from this game! Happy new year!

Which of these Winter Fantasy animals are you hoping to win from this week's game? Did you throw a dart at the board? If so, which of these animals did you win? Sound off in the comments.