FarmVille Magic Snowman: Everything you need to know

We've had about a week to get a head-start on building our Ice Palaces in FarmVille, and now we finally have a place to put all of those Magic Snowflakes: the Magic Snowman. This snowman is given to you for free when logging into the game, and it starts out incredibly plain - just a few balls of snow in the basic shape of a snowman. As you collect items like Magic Snowflakes and Magic Top Hats, you'll be able to redeem those items for special prizes. However, unlike other item collection events in FarmVille, you'll need specific combinations of these items to actually redeem them.

For instance, the most basic prize is a piece of Aurora Fencing, and it requires two Magic Top Hats and one Magic Snowflake to earn. Here's a rundown of the other items in the event as of this writing.

Aurora Fence - 2 Hats / 1 Snowflake
Moon Tree - 10 Hats / 3 Snowflakes
Aurora Cat - 25 Hats / 6 Snowflakes
Star Bright Sheep - 50 Hats / 10 Snowflakes
Starry Pond - 85 Hats / 18 Snowflakes
Aurora Unicorn - 120 Hats / 28 Snowflakes

As you collect more and more of each item, you'll see a running tally in two locations in the menu, making it easy to see if you can currently "afford" anything. It's possible that we'll see additional items released in this event as time goes on (and as we all continue to build our own individual Snowmen), and if that ends up being the case, we'll make sure to let you know of any new items that become available!

What do you think of the Magic Snowman in FarmVille? Which of the six prizes will you save up for first? Sound off in the comments.