Game of the Day: Cluster Lander

cluster lander game of the day
The Game of the Day is Cluster Lander, an action-packed, space rock maneuvering game. You'll take control of the Cluster Lander, a fast ship designed to maneuver through any obstacle in its path. You'll explore complex levels in search of coordinate sheets that will lead you to the next rock cluster.

Folks, it's not every day you get to play a game like Cluster Lander. This game is challenging, pretty, replayable, and most importantly, super fun. Cluster Lander is unforgiving, you will be punished for your mistakes, but that only makes victory so much sweeter. Enjoy every bit of this game, and when its over, play it again to see if you can beat your records! Check out Cluster lander below.

Click here to play Cluster Lander!
cluster lander game of the daycluster lander game of the day
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