Adventure World Volcano Quests: Everything you need to know

If you've yet to open the door to El Dorado on your Base Camp in Adventure World, but have already made your way through collecting the Monkey, Bird and Snake idols, you'll have just one left: the Jaguar Idol. The Jaguar Idol is found in the Volcano quest set, and if you've waited this long to start it, you'll need just five each of Food, Fuel and Water to begin. You'll also need to ask 10 of your friends to come be a crew on your journey.

Volcano Main Quests

Recover the Jaguar Idol Part 1

  • Use Master Key to Raise 1st Step

  • Use Master Key to Raise 2nd Step

  • Use Master Key to Raise 3rd Step

  • Use Master Key to Raise 4th Step

The Master Key was earned way back at the beginning of the game, so you'll need to navigate your way through this hot land, flipping vent switches and attacking snakes along the way. While you can take the map mostly in a linear fashion, there are a few points where you'll have the option of blowing up rocks with dynamite or using grappling hooks to create shortcuts. Your exact path will be up to you.

Recover the Jaguar Idol Part 2

  • Recover the Jaguar Idol

The Jaguar Idol is up a set of stone stairs (that you've created by opening the master key holes). It's blocked by a snake that has six hit points. Just take that one out and climb the stairs to recover the idol once and for all!

Recover the Jaguar Idol Part 3

  • Return to Base Camp

  • Place the Jaguar Idol

  • Use Master Key to Open El Dorado

This is it! The moment we've been working so hard for! Rush back to Base Camp and place the final idol outside the door to El Dorado! What will you find inside? Well... we won't spoil that just yet.

Volcano Side Quests

Society Work

  • Get 23 Jade Vases

  • Get 12 Ruby Vases

  • Get 3 Azure Skulls

  • Get Obsidian Grip from Weapons Collection

The items in the Weapons Collection can be earned on any map set in a volcano, so you might be lucky enough to receive one before actually finishing your work here. Either way, the other three items are scattered around the map, but unfortunately might be blocked by Snakes or Vent traps that you would otherwise be able to skip, if not for trying to complete this quest.

Find Volcano Flowers

  • Get 10 Volcano Flowers

  • Get 5 Volcano Sunflowers

  • Get 6 Volcano Cactuses

This is more busy work than anything else. The general rule of thumb is to scour each individual path in this Volcano map, as you'll likely need something at the end of it, whether it be a Jade or Ruby Vase or one of these plants. If you work under the mentality of clearing out the entire map, you'll come across these flowers over time.

Extra Crispy

  • Break 7 Rocks to Release Lava

Shortly after you've activated your third Master Key hole, you'll run into a villager with a BBQ. The rocks are right next to the BBQ pit, but the lava is blocking the "river" of lava from flowing to actually cook his meal. Each rock has eight points, so you'll likely need to spend a few energy on each to clear them out.

Crazy Carl's Flame Show!

  • Open Prize Door 1

  • Open Prize Door 2

  • Open Prize Door 3

Shortly after meeting the villager with the BBQ quest, you'll see a odd-looking man in a pirate hat standing next to three doors. You're told to open these three doors, which takes just one energy each, but you don't actually have to enter the doors to finish this quest. If you're running low on energy, feel free to just unlock each and move on. If, however, you want to go inside, you might find Jade or Ruby Vases, or even snakes inside. Again, you can come back to them at any time, so if a room has snakes inside that you just don't want to fight, make a mental note of it and come back later.

When you finally finish all of these quests, you will be ready to head back to Base Camp and unlock El Dorado! Of course, we won't ruin the surprise of what happens next, so hurry into your game to find out!

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