Adventure World Feathered Serpent Site: Everything you need to know


At the very beginning of Adventure World's life on Facebook, the game contained a few artifacts and relics that could be accessed by expanding your Base Camp. While they looked pretty, these items didn't really serve an overall purpose. For one particular item, however, that has now changed. The Feathered Serpent Site can now be upgraded from its current state at Level 1 all of the way up to Level 4, where the scaffolding is removed, and the entire relic stands high above the ground.

Each level of the Serpent Site comes with different daily rewards. In its starting form, you'll simply gain 550 coins for collecting from the site every day. However, once you get to Levels 2, 3 and eventually 4, you'll receive Gadget Parts (1-4) for collecting from the site once daily. Of course, you won't simply be able to click a few button to make those upgrades happen; you'll need to work for them. The first upgrade (taking you from Level 1 to Level 2, that is) requires 60 ingredients:

  • 10 Fine Brushes

  • 10 Tape Measures

  • 10 Magnifying Glasses

  • 10 Index Cards

  • 10 Sieves

  • 10 Tool Rolls

The Fine Brushes, Magnifying Glasses and Sieves are earned by sending out individual requests to friends, while the other three items can be earned by posting general news items on your wall for all friends to see.

In addition to the Feathered Serpent Site, you can also now excavate and upgrade the Ruins Site (located in another Base Camp expansion) for free XP each day. The process to upgrading is similar, and we'll make sure to bring you a complete look at that particular building upgrade just as soon as we can.

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Have you started to upgrade your Feathered Serpent Site yet? What do you think of the ability to upgrade these dig sites? Sound off in the comments.